UniRDC™ is a proprietary discovery platform, which rationalizes and accelerates the discovery process of RDC drug candidates. UniRDC™ enables a short discovery timeline of 18 months or less from a target to an RDC development candidate with human biodistribution data, which has been repeatedly validated internally. 

UniRDC™ covers a range of modalities including small molecule, cyclic peptide, and nanobody. It is centered on a rich set of proprietary synthetic chemistry and protein engineering tool kits including Clear-X™ linker technology and Res-X™ modification methods. Such tool kits have been proven to be essential to rapidly turn an affinity matured binder to a development candidate with therapeutically optimal biodistribution profile.

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    Hit Generation
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    Affinity Optimization
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    BioD Profile Optimzation
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    FIH Imaging Study
  • Hit Generation

  • Affinity Optimization

  • BioD Profile Optimzation

  • FIH Imaging Study