Full-Life Technologies

Full-Life Technologies ("Full-Life") is a fully integrated global radiotherapeutics company with operations in Belgium, Germany, and China. We aim to own the entire value chain for radiopharmaceutical research & development, production & commercialization to deliver clinical impact for patients. The Company endeavors to tackle fundamental challenges affecting radiopharmaceuticals today by pioneering innovative research that will shape the treatments of tomorrow. 

We are comprised of a team of fast-moving entrepreneurs and seasoned scientists with a proven history of success in the life sciences, alongside radioisotope research and clinical development.



    • 4-739.png
      Lanny Sun

      Co-founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    • 7-118.png
      Steffen Heeger, MD, Ph.D.

      Chief Medical Officer

    • 6-672.png
      Fa Liu, Ph.D.

      Chief Scientific Officer

    • 5-492.png
      Hong-hoi Ting, D.Phil.

      Co-founder, Board Member & Chief Strategy Officer

    • 2-831.png
      Philippe van Put

      General Manager, Europe

    • MackdeJonghuaban1548.png
      Mark S. de Jong, Ph.D.

      Chief Technical Officer

    • 3-654.png
      Julie Wu

      President & Chief Financial Officer


  • 2024. 5

    Full-Life Technologies announced the appointment of Mark S. de Jong, PhD, to the position of Chief Technical Officer.

    Full-Life Technologies received clearance from FDA of IND Application for 225Ac-FL-020 for the treatment of mCRPC.

    2024. 5
  • 2024. 3

    Full-Life’s subsidiary “Full-Life Technology Europe” has obtained a Nuclear Permit for a class IIA facility from the Belgium Federal Agency for Nuclear Control  (“FANC”).

    2024. 3
  • 2024. 1

    Full-Life completed $63.3 million financing, comprised of $47.3 million in Series B equity financing and $16 million in loan facilities. 

    2024. 1
  • 2023. 12

    Full-Life Technologies Breaks Ground for GMP Manufacturing Facility in Belgium to Advance Its End-to-end Solution for Radiopharmaceuticals.

    2023. 12
  • 2023. 5

    Full-Life Technologies completed land purchase in Belgium to establish GMP manufacturing facility for radiopharmaceutical drug production.

    2023. 5
  • 2023. 1

    Full-Life Technologies Announces Appointment of Chief Medical Officer and Chief Scientific Officer.

    2023. 1
  • 2022.11

    Full-Life Technologies to Acquire Focus-X Therapeutics, Bolstering Peptide-Focused Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline.

  • 2022. 8

    Full-Life Technologies Announces Key Leadership Appointments and the Establishment of a Radioisotope Technology Advisory Board.

    2022. 8
  • 2022. 5

    Full-Life Technologies completed $37 million in series A round financing.

    2022. 5
  • 2022. 1

    Full-Life Technologies announced four key appointments to its executive team.

    2022. 1
  • 2021. 12

    Full-Life Technologies completed $10 million in seed round financing.

    2021. 12
  • 2021. 8

    Full-Life Technologies was Founded.

    2021. 8